Using Numicon - a report from a special school

Class teacher Kerrie Coleman gives a personal account of her experiences with Numicon. She explains how she was inspired by a training in Ireland, to devise an individualized programme for her student, Richard. Although he didn't take to the activities straight away, he made slow but steady progress and within six months, his confidence and number skills had rocketed.

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Supporting children and families through Early Development Groups

This article aims to give you a flavour of the work that goes on at our weekly groups, for children aged 0-5. We have supplied descriptions of many of our activities with a rationale to explain the area of development that they aim to promote. We hope that it will provide 'food for thought' and inspire you to design activities of your own to support the early development of your children with Down syndrome.

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Book reviews

Reviews of the books 'The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook' and 'Speech and Language Intervention in Down Syndrome', along with an update about the photobook 'Living with Down Syndrome'

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