Meeting the educational needs of pupils with Down syndrome in mainstream secondary schools

This article provides information and advice to secondary schools that are including a pupil with Down syndrome. The advice is based on our experience of observing and supporting individuals in secondary schools that are including pupils with Down syndrome in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire. It informs secondary schools that have not yet included a pupil with significant learning or language difficulties that the key to success is through developing systems and procedures for meeting the wide range of individual educational needs of all young people. The article emphasises the importance of developing opportunities for: (1) personal and social development, (2) teaching, differentiation and support for learning, and (3) training for staff on all issues related to disability awareness, inclusion and expectations for people with learning and language disabilities, including Down syndrome.

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Making inclusion work for children with Down syndrome

This article reports the findings from a survey of over 400 families, investigating their experiences of inclusive education in the United Kingdom. The findings indicate considerable variation in provision between different Local Education Authorities across the UK. The article details indications of good practice and appropriate provision as found in the survey results.

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